Welcome to a new kind of fantasy novel. Let yourself escape into a world where a war riots for thousands of years between Sleepers and Demons. Is Anomaly the key to end the war?

Find it out on your own and have a look into a four part science fantasy tale spanning 2000 years by looking at the various website pages giving you some background. Dont' worry, thes sites don't give you any spoilers if you plan to read the available two German novel parts.

The publishing concept of the novel is currently beeing reshaped, so the already prepared two German written books are currently set on hold.

Please, reach out to me, if you are interested in making this story live either as novel, light novel, manga, anime, movie, series or computer game, due the story and concept can be easily adapted in any of these publishing areas. An English exposé is available explaining in detail the concept, the idea behind the Anomaly universe and the plotted story line spanning all four parts.

So I am offering you an universe full of potential. You decide the elements you choose. And still, you have the possibilities to bring in your own creativity and style.

You can also contact me, if you are interested in test reading the already finished German written first and third part of the Anomaly tale as of below:


Book 1: Anomaly - Shadow (German)
Book 3: Anomaly - Fate (German)
Anomalie - Schicksal Anomalie - Schicksal

That's the feedback of the previous test readers (translated from German):

"It's actually easy to sum up the impression I got from this book in one word: BRILLIANT!"

"This book is really different. It doesn't really fit anywhere in. And I think that's really great! Do you like reading sci-fi? Or fantasy? Then this book is just right for you... This book is exciting, funny, unpredictable and captivating. The writing style is so beautifully authentic and detailed without being overdone or curving something out."

"..., the story continues in outpourings of betrayal, twists of fate, enigmatic proclamations, bitterly fought battles and a surprising ending that lets you breathe a sigh of relief and shudder at the same time."

"Although fantasy and science fiction are not among my favorite genres, I devoured this book more and more... The changes in perspective make the characters more alive and tension is skillfully built up. This erupts in fireworks whereas all the threads of the stories come together and weave together to create a coherent picture. I would also read a sequel anytime."

"An enthralling, complex fantasy experience with fabulous characters that convince... A lot of heart and soul from the writer!"



Unterschrift Thorben Perth

Thorben Perth